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Lindsay was born at a very young age, and grew up in Los Angeles, where she still splits her time (between Hawaii) and accumulates parking tickets. She's a writer/director with a passion for art direction, choreography, and surrealism, and has been lucky enough to collaborate with Grammy nominated artists and have her work screened at festivals internationally.  She is often inspired by wild places, and the hodgepodge of Asian, Hawaiian, and Western cultures that were her upbringing. She loves the challenge of taking abstract concepts and representing them in a visual way that's widely accessible.

Lindsay thinks lunch time is at 11am, and sometimes co-directs under the name "SCOUT," a collaboration between herself and Jensen Vinca. In 2022, she was featured as a Shiny Awards New Director Role Model, and selected for MiFilm's commercial directing fellowship.

Additionally, she spent 1.5 years as the lead designer at the award winning production company
Jojx, and is currently a freelance director managed by Anemone Artists. When not working, you can find her surfing, eating Hot Cheetos, or wandering around the home decor department at Target. 

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