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Prod Co.



Lindsay Sunada


Yuki Naka

Ryan Obayashi



Kenzo Le

Marlene Lacasse

Devin Berko

Production Designer

Kenzo Le



Shigeto Nakano

Lindsay Wilkins

In the late 80s on the North Shore of Oahu, my great grandfather took his own life by way of  seppuku with a samurai sword that had been passed down through my family though generations and was believed to be cursed. Upon discovering what had happened, my great grandmother buried the sword out in the woods, never to be seen again. This choreographed film is inspired by those events. "Yurei" tells the story of a man, a demon, and a cursed sword. 

Full Credits

Writer/Director - Lindsay Sunada

Dancers - Yuki Naka, Ryan Obayashi

Prod. Co - Filmatics

Executive Producer -  Elia Petridis

Producers - Marlene Lacasse, Devin Berko

Choreographer - Shigeto Nakano 

Cinematographer - Kenzo Le

Production Designer - Kenzo Le

HMU - Lina Larson

1AD - Wendy Wang

Steadicam Op - Gabe Kimpson

Gaffer - Ryan Hoang

Key Grip - Amy Hoang

BBG - Ian Hussey

BBE - Pedro Penteado

Art Director - Payton Newcomer

Set Dresser - Brian Marquez

1 AC - Alex Forcillo

PA - Molly Neuhauser

Camera PA - Emma Fierberg

Camera PA - Joseph Sok

Art PA - Kevin San Pedro

Editor - Lindsay Wilkins

Colorist - Kenzo Le 

VFX - Lewis at CGFX Visuals

Composer - Alexander Arntzen

Rap Artist - Kazuo

Thank You

Sunada Family

Filmatics Fund

Crimson Edge Creative

Anemone Artists

Electric Pony Studios

Jimmy Yoshitake

Michael Kasai

Megan Lau

Ben Skach

Danny Miller


Jensen Vinca

Martin Taube

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